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Update: got ALVR to somewhat work, but I am encountering tons of errors after I try to connect, and the app is stuck at "your stream will start soon" can anybody give on ? Current nightly client should work since it's based off of same commits as server's master branch. (I think???) Running Manjaro.

going back to windows again because my stupid ass cant even get the "solution" to work. lmao

Found a WIP solution that might be coming out soon. Switched back to Linux.

Had to go back to Windows since Linux doesn't have oculus support.

The time for action is now, the rise of GNU/Linux starts now. People will wake up to Microsoft's actions and market dominance. People will NOT put up with this BS and WILL seek alternatives. Expect growth in Linux and alternative operating systems. Goodbye Windows.

Lol parents know I am telling the truth about the NSA spying, digital freedom, and why it matters; yet they deny it.

Dammit. This site is filled with people who are horny AF. I guess that's better than the toxicity on Twitter, though. 😂


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