i think MS will make this not support linux as well as any other OS besides Windows 11 (possibly 10), thus extinguishing (eliminating) ANY OTHER OS besides Windows youtube.com/watch?v=heUoHPd-_N

Microsoft provides the firmware for the pluton chip so they can easily remotely make all Windows PCs to not be able to install Linux, even if not on day one.

Also one could (in theory, if they were to find Microsoft's certificates) make a MITM to hack the chip via an update.


After all, we know that MS is good at security besides XBOX right? 😂

All this built directly into the CPU dye. Every single x86_64 PC (modern PC) would have this vulnerable anti-Non-Windows chip soon if we don't act fast.

also, just speculation, but perhaps they would implement similar to Intel's Management Engine where they spy on the user, except it auto-sends logs to the enterprise org and/or microsoft? idk 🤷‍♂️

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