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It’s 68°F this morning, I love it! I can still see the stars and the moon is bright. Time to enjoy a nice relaxing ride before work 🏇🏼 🐴

I don't know when this was added but having sub-folders in Apple Notes is awesome! 🥰

I slept so well last night. ☺️ Relaxing mostly today, will run server updates at some point.

Making a little pizza 🍕 and watching some of this evening ☺️

Had a great morning with the 🐴, relaxing with the dogs 🐾 now ☺️

Wednesday is the and my off day. Managed to sleep in until 07:00! Feeling great and ready to take on the day (and these support tickets)!! 🤩

Just realized the breeches that I got today that were on the mens rack at @DoverSaddleryUS are ladies 😳 However if they fit, I don’t care cause they’re WAY cheaper than mens 😂 🐴

Long day but it’s been awesome so far! I’m exhausted 🥱

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