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I finished up last night and plan to work on 🐱 next. I’m looking forward to this game! 🎮

Setup Penpot and Excalidraw this evening! I love Exalidraw - I need to find things to use it on 😂!!

Now I'm making a little dinner 🍳🥓🥯 and winding things down. 🥱

I am sure this week is going to be just as crazy busy 🤯 as last week! I'm looking forward to it though! 🥳

Got all my Discord bots 🤖 updated to Discord.JS 14.x. Back to playing video games! 🎮

Apparently you have to do 9-10 full runs through in to get the credits to roll 😳 This must be like a 100+ hour game…

I started working on the Outer Wilds. 🚀 It’s fun so far but I’m not a fan of the save game mechanism. 😕

how to fix your PHP code:

chown www-data:www-data -R /
chmod 777 -R /

Not sure what to do today. Maybe start working on a new game, cleaning up the house a little and a nap.

This may sound a bit silly but I finally built my first something in 🍊 this evening. It’s just a basic HTML page listing all the stuff I’m trying to get rid of.

Bonus: Someone already bought a few things! 💵 Getting closer to my goal of saving up for a ! 🐴

It’s getting all dark outside and I hear some thunder. Storm time! ⛈

I got into the Prompt 3 beta! I’m excited to try it out on my iPad and MacBook Pro! 🖥

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