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Played until the servers went down, then worked on some and now winding down and watching some TV...

Up early to deal with a bugged package update on one of the servers...🥱

Picked up an additional 8TB drive to replace this 4TB drive. I should have gotten a couple to replace both 4TB drives, but it can wait for another time. Now time to copy back ~3TBs of data from the older 4TB drive to this new drive...🤓

Finally built the Factory in . Just wrapping up building this one item, then going to make myself some dinner. Probably bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel with a strawberry banana smoothie!

Long day, managed to get a fair amount of things done! Time to relax!

Giving up for right now because there's a bin file I need that I can't seem to find. I'll continuing looking tomorrow. Making some dinner now!

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Battling with this N9K-C9372TX. Trying to switch it over from APIC to standalone...🤓

Worked on some ...I hate when I get to the point where I'm just waiting for things to be crafted...

Trying to remember why I got half these cables from Monoprice. I've used like 3 of them, but there's bunch leftover...🤔🤣

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