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Had a bowl of cereal, updated my instance, played some Breakpoint and now time for a little nap.

A busy day! I got a ton of work done, and started setting up my new work laptop.

I also just figured out how to dynamically build breadcrumbs for my new documentation/notes site!

The Medium from @BlooberTeam is now available for Xbox Series X|S. Save 10% - limited time offer. The Medium is also available with @XboxGamePass and @XboxGamePassPC

I just crawled under my weighted blanket and I feel like I could sleep for the next few days. ☺️🥱

Pretty excited about my new documentation site. It's based on PHP and reads in Markdown documents. It also allows for private documents and has a very simple login function. Goodbye !

I was literally awake until 5am thinking about this...🥱😳

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Or not, nothing seems to fit the bill of what I want and need in documentation . I think I'm going to just end up building my own based on and files.

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