@Zergling_man There was an issue with the server and of course the backups I had were from February. Apologies for that. I've double and triple checked backups now and they are being completed without issue now.

Having my one left over breakfast from my Torchy's order from last night. Yummmmmmmy!!! 🀀🌯πŸ₯“πŸ³

This evening I got sucked into the stack again. It was mostly learning how works, I still need to continue reading through the docs to learn more! I mostly want to set it up so I can review log files I find myself in often.

I got a ton of work done today, the day flew by! I'm ready for a nap!

Oh man, I've stayed up way too late playing around with this API Gateway, it's very cool and I'm excited to implement it for !

Time to read a little and catch some Z's!

It's just barely 7pm and I'm ready to pass out!! 🀣πŸ₯±πŸ˜΄

when will these grown men realize calling asian women β€œkawaii” is fucking weird

Played a few hours of Breakpoint. I got a smidge over half the Amber Ruin missions done - I completely forgot about them so I was scrambling to do them yesterday and today 😝 Winding down now, reading and passing out. I'm sure this week is going to be crazy busy! 🀯

I basically spent the entire day so far migrating my docs/notes from into my custom built docs site. I'm almost done, SO CLOSE! 😫

Meet Jingang: The "Cute But Naughty" Horse That Plays Dead Anytime Someone Tries To Ride Him

I was able to get a decent chunk of work done today, probably not as much as I should have but it's better than nothing...

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