Let's be more productive and awesome tomorrow. Sleep now. πŸ₯±

@travis Since enabling relays on your instance. How many jobs do you have enabled in your pull queue?

I forgot to bring my case upstairs last night so I used it without one. It felt really weird. The is so thin and light haha

Well that was an interesting season. I am not sure if there's going to be more, but I think a third season wouldn't hurt.

Twisty Treat sounds so good right about now 🀀🍦

It sounds like it's time to brush off that ole' dating resume! She's gotta love horses too though!!

Maybe I can finish up the second season of today! Only a few more episodes left...

It's funny when I'm sitting here and things are pretty quiet and Spike just beefs a loud one. πŸ€£πŸ’¨

I feel like every time I open there's a new update. Everything just always has some sort of update these days 🀣

Doing a little bug reporting this morning. doesn't seem to want to behave when using a script to setup a with .

I finally threw in the towel and setup on my other app server which has last night. Of course it "just works" there.

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