@GNUxeava there's firefox,then there's chrome, chrome, chrome, chrome, chrome, chrome, and chrome, such a variety of choices!
@Zergling_man @coyote @GNUxeava
Firefox is the least shitty desktop browser imo. Though it sucks on mobile, so I don't use it on my phone.
@Zergling_man @coyote @GNUxeava
I usually prefer doing things in a terminal, but web browsing in particular not so much.

@dushman @coyote @GNUxeava Fair enough, but I like the precedent it sets; ie. "build your site for lynx first, everything else second".

@Zergling_man @coyote @GNUxeava
I mean for websites that are designed to be compatible, it's a nice browser. There's just one issue though, 99% of them aren't.
@Zergling_man @dushman @GNUxeava > and nothing of value was lost
Exactly my opinion on why I refuse to use google middleware and IP block all Google IPs and facebook and amazon IPs
@coyote @GNUxeava @Zergling_man
I'd block Google IPs but I use YouTube. I also use alternatives like odysee but YouTube is practically a monopoly sadly.
@dushman @GNUxeava @Zergling_man Well, consider youtube is a 90+% monopoly in the video market, adsense and adwords, etc., being an 85% monopoly in the online ad, then there's android as another 90+% monopoly, then there's web middleware (like analytics, recaptcha, fonts, js/apis, etc.) and that's a 65+% monopoly, then there's search, of course, another 90+% monopoly, google cloud runs steam and itch and apple's icloud, and much more, it's at 65+%, then there's advanced quantum computing, another very serious monopoly, document software now is becoming close, in online drive storage they remain a large contender, they have a large presence in learning software in schools and universities too, when will they be considered an enormous, anticonsumer, anticompetitive monopoly and be taken care of?

They never went to Fuschia because that would have threatened their dominance in Android, they they bought youtube the largest video site, even for its time, they ignore legislation and collect massive amounts of data, ridiculous amounts of data through their devices and apps and services even against the users' wills.

They were funded and started with CIA grants. That's almost certainly why most likely they are protected from serious legal harm.

@dushman @coyote @GNUxeava Well, that's what self-hosting and federation is for. The internet can still be great. We just have to leave normies behind. Coincidentally, that alone drastically improves the internet.
But remember: If you're not running it yourself, you're not self-hosting. Cloud services just move the monopoly to a different layer.

@Zergling_man @coyote @GNUxeava
I know, and those are great things, but overall the internet is much more centralized than it used to be and that's a big problem for everyone normie or not.

@dushman @coyote @GNUxeava In what way?
You can make your own choice to avoid interacting with Big Tech in all your personal dealings.
For communication, you can encourage others to join you. You can't force them, but if you give them a date and tell them you'll be deleting your account then, 🤷
Well, they'll probably just stop talking to you after that date. Nothing of value was lost.

@Zergling_man @dushman @GNUxeava I think getting off normie social media is good, and switching email from a data mining provider is good, and switching to foss services is good, but how do you bank online?

@coyote @dushman @GNUxeava nano.org
Banking is one of the things I actually still have to open palemoon for, annoyingly. But that's not why I am eternally pissed off at my bank. That's because, after *several* incidents, they still insist on blocking my account over suspicious transactions. Like... Donating to FOSS projects... And, of course, buying crypto. getpaidinbitcoin.com.au/ looks handy but their site is shit zzzz

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