I've heard a lot about this "job boom" and "hiring shortage" shit where employers can't find enough employees because they pay them too little.

The real story is more interesting. Just cursory browsing in job-finding sites has these kinds of listings:

>entry-level/basic positions with no real requirements other than having worked in that exact position for 2 years
How do you even get experience in a certain position if you can't get that position without the experience. Classic, but still ongoing.

>mandatory 2-3 years of prior experience in the field
>technical diploma, related certificates, etc
>minimum wage or $1/hr above it
>better yet, part-time intern position only sometimes
Okay, that's not new. It's what people have been saying for over a year now.

Here's the most interesting part though:
>positions at universities, schools, healthcare offices, hospitals
>not just that, but well-paying low to mid level positions with good hours and wages
>that's not even the weird part - these positions are usually on the job market in the summer, or in December
>oh, there's a hidden sentence amidst the 2-page job description that says you need to be double-injected to be eligible
And here we go, quiet indications that company vaccine mandates are fucking them. One out-of-season job posting is weird. Two is disconcerting. Seeing... 230+ out-of-season job openings in the local colleges and universities is a complete collapse.

Can my girl Lotus get some Reddit love? She's getting ready to cross the rainbow bridge and it would mean a lot for her to get the fame she's always deserved. #cats #cat redd.it/psvgfc

it just struck me how similar the logo of the Post is to the death star

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talk to your kids about gender -- BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE DOES
@Zergling_man if men think they need a girl to be dumb to control her, they either don't understand women in the slightest or they're pathetic excuses or men
the only use i can think of off the top of my head for a *** pointer is a list of string lists, and i think that’s the only thing i’ve ever used one for.

anyone found any/know any uses for >= three-layer indirection
It's because it leaked too many times, difficult to believe it just accidents...

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@tuturto @sugarbell See also: 魔法言語 リリカルLisp (Magical Language Lyrical Lisp), this is the magical girl visual novel guide to Lisp. lyrical.bugyo.tk/

The most impressive thing, the game can evaluate real Lisp code you've entered. The author implemented a Lisp interpreter in the scripting language of NScripter visual novel engine.. :blobcatsurprised: lyrical.bugyo.tk/func.html

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