This is funny: 

Because it's amuesli.

I think this is the only good (no-context) pun I've ever made.

Don't celebrate the heroic software warriors who now and then rescue your application from the raging production environment fires.

Instead, celebrate the whole team that silently upholds the conventions of clean code, maintainability, extendability, keeping the product free of bugs and inexpensive to change.

just to ensure, this is a parody website?

*Mastodon = Honeypot*
*Although Mastondon’s address is in Germany, their main activity has been in Japan through a company name Pixiv, Inc.*
*Hostdon is a technical honeypot for MI6/CIA (Google Cloud)*
*Mastodon is a pied piper to the new world order*
Bill gates, an absolute peice of shit

motherfucker is like look "I am such a good person." and still really hasn't done much to undo the damage he's brought to computing and a written apology to all computer users

Also Steve jobs but that asshole is dead

Tumblr does not work on lynx. Specifically, you can't get direct links to images without a lot of effort, so you tend not to be able to look at them. Very annoying for, say, webcomics, or the only other thing Tumblr is (was) good for.
floccinaucinihilipilificationa is worth following even without images.

Please boost:

A screen reader for Linux (GUI) is being developed in Rust. If anyone knows Rust and would like to help, or to just view the great work taking shape here, see:

#a11y #accessibility #blind #screenreader #coding #rust

RT @woketopus
The guy who created PHP (Rasmus Lerdorf) appears to have reached some higher level of coder enlightenment

@Zergling_man i don't think i could find exchange that can do fiat conversion and doesn't ask phone number. Either way I would have to give my bank account. So i could settle for something with a lot of crypto and nice ui.
Where do you trade your crypto? I do but it sucks so I need to find new platform

bash commands and what they stand for

cat - it tlaps your files like a cat
lsblk - stands for Lesbian Sailor's Boast Look Kool. As for what it does idk probably some shipping thing or something?
sh - what you say to you computer when u want it to be quieter
cd - you can type this comand in when you want you rcomputer to play your creedence clearwater revival CD that you've had in the disk drive since 1998
tail - shows u a fluffy fox tail
dmesg - sends your favorite dude an email. The dude you sent the mail to can be configured in dude.conf
uhhh idk thats all for today

yeah i remember him saying he owns a maid outfit coming soon
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