Penguins existed long before linux so stfu

The recycle symbol on the left was designed by Gary Anderson in 1970 as a single twist Möbius strip.

On the right, one corner is made, then copy, pasted, and rotated for the other two. It becomes a 3-twist Möbius strip.

My question is, are they topologically equivalent?


The locked one comes with a sim I've never heard of, which is a great start. It's also the only one you can drop the battery from. The sim looks like it's been bent in this whole time, lol.
I don't have a paperclip small enough to pop the sim trays from the other two, ugh.

Ok, pin badge that fits tells me that the SD slot on one of them is either really deep or broken, and the sim slots don't open. Maybe they need a special tool.

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Bought three phones secondhand for less than $5.
It's already an adventure. Only one of them had a lock, one of them doesn't like booting, and they're all at least 7 years out of date. One of them has apps crashing all over the place when it boots. It's great.

@Zergling_man Can't speak for everyone, but in my experience it's not about keeping the guard up. It's more about people being generally too talkative and noisy.

There's not much chitchat that I can take without getting annoyed, especially with people who are not close friends or family. And once I had to actually scream at a colleague at the office when she played loud music on the speakers (I mean, who the hell even does that? plug earphones in, it's an office, for crying out loud).


Linux still aliases "dir" to "ls"

is that some kind of old convention, or are we still trying to pander to those last MS-DOS holdouts?
can we begin to refer to a penis as a "device"
@Zergling_man there's this anecdote dad tells about what old time people would do in his home village.

one man visits another. they both drink coffee in silence. the man leaves.
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